Frequently asked questions

Q: What’s included for free?
The entrance fee includes entry to the event, children’s craft tent and music tent.


Q: What time does the event close?
The event is scheduled to close at 8pm. We would have liked for it to go on longer, but we can only run the event for as long as we have a supply of willing volunteers.

Q: What shall I bring? 
Feel free to bring a picnic blanket, cushions, sun lounger or even a gazebo (just make sure you bring something to weight it down in case of wind - you’ll be asked to take it down if it’s a safety hazard.

Q: Can I bring my own alcohol?
No, unfortunately our alcohol licence this year doesn’t cover people bringing their own alcohol. You will be asked to leave it at the door if you do try and bring it in.


Q: Can I bring dogs?
We have a flexible dog policy. You may bring a dog but you are responsible for looking after it, providing it with water, clearing up after it. Anyone who doesn’t clear up after their pet will be asked to leave.


Q: Are helpers insured?
Yes, helpers on the day are fully insured


Q: Will they event still take place if it rains?
Yes, the event will still take place if it rains and the bands will still play


Q: Is there a lost child post?
Yes, the lost child post will be located in the community centre next to the St John’s Ambulance room


Q: Are their special group deals available?
Yes, if you belong to a charity or local not for profit organization and would like to make a block booking of 20 people or more please email the organizer to arrange a preferential rate.